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Student Life

Student Government

Want to really get involved on campus? Run for a position in student government, the representative voice of the student body.

The student senate serves as the link between the students and the administration of the College and is a vital aspect of student life at Lake Forest College. Student senators are elected from residential and commuter populations as well as from each class, first-year through senior year. Senate meets every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Library, Rm. 221. For more information, visit my.involvement.

Executive Board

hakobHakob Parsamyan ’20, President
connerConner Castleberry ’20, Vice President
ethanEthan Webster ’19, Treasurer
arnoldArnold Boros ’19, Secretary

 Lake Forest College Student Government is on Facebook!

Committee Chairs

kristaCampus Affairs - Krista Wickramasekera ’20  
coleClubs and Organizations - Cole Pedro ’20
nick slaterGrounds and Development - Nicholas Slater ’21

Student Senators

Senators serve as the voice of students to Student Government and college administrators. They act as liaisons to student organizations, meet with campus administrators and serve on committees.

Class Senators

Class of 2018
charmaineCharmaine (Diane) Chung
noelNoel Harmon
liaLia R. Niederberger

Class of 2019 


Class of 2020
cadenceCadence Haase
sandraSandra Khouri
coleCole Pedro
kristaKrista Wickramasekera

Class of 2021
cristinaChristina Casado
ucheUche (Blessing) Okeke
egorEgor Plotnikov
Evan Weller

Hall Senators

Blackstone Hall

nick wheelerNicholas Wheeler ’21

Cleveland Young Center 


Deerpath Hall

evangelineEvangeline Bero ’20

Gregory Hall

Harlan Hall
nick slaterNicholas Slater ’21

Lois Hall
amyAmy (Xinyu) Wang ’21

McClure Hall
Sophia Najjar ’18

Moore Hall

Nollen Hall
zachZachary Jenkins ’21

Roberts Hall
samanthaSamantha Russell ’20



Commuter Senators

helenHelen Brinckerhoff ’20
yaseenYasenn Younus ’19


lilyLily Collins ’18

Committee Representatives

College Council
Egor Plotnikov ’21
Holly McHenry ’18

Coalition Against Sexual Misconduct
Nathalie Mintjens ’21
Timothy Finucane ’18

College Life 
Dakota Ducar ’19
Cadence Haase ’20
Marko Simovic ’21

Campus Sustainability
Sarah Stauber ’21
Rhyan Shanker ’20
Madeline Mynatt ’18
Ticket Appeal
Nicholas Wheeler ’21
Alejandro Espinoza ’18

Curricular Policies
Chloe Phillips ’21