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Communications and Marketing

All Access: What it Means

Lake Forest College gives every student direct access to great faculty and advisors, impressive internships, and a powerful network of alumni and friends who hire or help our graduates begin their careers. 

Whether you major in art, biology, finance, psychology or any other subject, Lake Forest College is organized and dedicated to help you succeed before and after graduation.

Lake Forest’s small size provides students with access to their professors’ attention, expertise, and professional networks. Our location provides students with the safety and beauty of Lake Forest as well as the resources of Chicago (and abroad). 

During 2013, Lake Forest undertook a self-study and messaging review, with the goal of making what we have to offer clearer to our many audiences (especially those who don’t already have an understanding of the College). To guide the process, the College hired White Whale, a higher-education marketing firm that redesigned our website in 2011, to survey faculty, students, alumni, and staff about what sets us apart. 

A number of current students, faculty, staff, and alumni participated in either focus groups or a survey that tested different terms that describe the value of a Lake Forest College education. Nearly 1,200 people responded to an online survey, and significant majorities chose the concepts “access” and “edge” as important, authentic, believable, and differentiating descriptions of what the College provides and produces.

Out of that came the brand statement above, as well as a modern take on the traditional Lake Forest logo for the website and marketing materials that uses the book as a repeating visual.