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Cori Cooper


Admissions Counselor

Phone number



Chicago, FL, AZ, LA, MS, GA, AR, AL, Transfer

High School

Crystal Lake Central High School (Crystal Lake, IL)

College and Major

BA - Communications, English (Writing Emphasis)
Lake Forest College - Lake Forest, IL

Working for the College since


My life before Lake Forest

Before joining Lake Forest, I was the Director of Volleyball Operations at Northwestern University, where I got to experience athletics and operations from a BIG 10 university!

One word or phrase to describe myself


Top three reasons I would choose to attend Lake Forest College

1. Community! Lake Forest is a tight-knit community where students are presented with many opportunities to get involved and continue to grow their relationship with fellow students, faculty, coaches, etc. These strong relationships help to create a sense of community on campus like no other.

2. Access! Lake Forest not only provides but also encourages their students to get involved on campus and have experiences outside of campus to further their education. I believe, in combination with my education, my campus involvement, study abroad experience, Chicago internship, and community service helped to make me more well-rounded.

3. Academics and Athletics! I wanted to continue my volleyball career and compete at the collegiate level while still getting an amazing education. 

What character traits do I appreciate in an applicant?

Curiosity and transparency! I love an applicant who is not afraid to ask questions about Lake Forest while being up front about whatever thoughts or concerns they may have. The more an applicant can tell me about themselves the better. I want to get to know them!

What makes the College unique?

The community that is Lake Forest College as well as location. Hands down. Lake Forest was my home away from home and I thrived in a college setting where I was not just a number. Everyone is very warm and welcoming. Also, having easy access to Chicago where you can go for class research, internships, or just to have fun with friends is great!

Tip for the college search

Do a lot of self-reflection. Think about what makes you most happy and successful. Try not to get wrapped up in where all of your friends from high school may be going, as not everyone is going to thrive in the same type of environment (and that’s ok)!

Hint for success

Respect. People are not always going to remember what you said but instead how you made them feel. Treat others the way you would want to be treated!

Favorite activity in Chicago

The Chicago culinary scene is unparalleled. I love visiting the new restaurants in the city or restaurants that were featured on the Food Network!

Favorite place in the town of Lake Forest

The Lake Forest Beach. I frequently would visit the beach as a student. Being only a mile from Lake Michigan is great. It is so peaceful there.

Fun fact to share

I am also an assistant volleyball coach at Lake Forest College.