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Alumni E-News

Sara Finesilver ’04 wins Alumni Photo Contest

Sara Finesilver ’04 wins the Alumni Photo Contest with this entry:

The Liberal Arts mindset I adopted while attending LFC from 2000-2004 remains a fundamental part of my every-day life. While at LFC, I studied everything from Religions of the Middle East to Computer Programming, to Renaissance Art History. The opportunity to acquire knowledge about so many different subjects fit perfectly with my inquisitive nature. Today I exercise that same thirst for knowledge and passion for learning through travel. In the past year, I have hiked to the top of Kilimanjaro, traveled the Serengeti, walked the sands of the Sahara (with my camel friend Jimmy, seen here), and learned the basics of Swahili and Arabic. I love learning about different people, cultures, foods, religions and languages. ‘Jack of all trades, master of none is oftentimes better than master of one.’