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Year Two: Eukaryon Establishes Student Governance

Dear Readers,

The Eukaryon Editorial Board is proud to present the second annual issue of our journal, which is its first truly student-organized issue. The board has been working for the past year to make Eukaryon an entirely student-run peer-reviewed journal, in which we review, edit, and publish the scientific work of our fellow students of the life sciences. In this issue, Lake Forest College students have contributed work from their courses and independent research projects, such as primary articles resulting from original research, literature reviews, news and views articles, book or film reviews, and senior theses. In addition, the Editorial Board has highlighted some of the newsworthy attributes of the biology department, including faculty and student contributions to education and scholarship. 

The theme of this issue is “Engaged Scholars in and out of the Classroom”. As you will see from the articles in this issue, Lake Forest College biology students have put in tremendous effort not only to write these articles, but they have devoted much of their time to the research and coursework that had to first be completed in order to produce these publications. For example, the senior theses were the result of months or even years of laboratory research and the primary articles are products of untold hours spent conducting research during precious summer or academic calendar days. Many of the articles in this issue are the result of projects that have been done for no course credit. Many student authors of this issue chose to additionally engage themselves outside of the classroom by being a part of this Eukaryon Editorial Board. My fellow board members have worked hard to learn the ethics, logistics, time and dedication it takes to produce this highly selective peer-reviewed publication. The extraordinary result has been a novel way to display and honor outstanding work of our peers. Undergraduate peer-reviewed science journals produced at small liberal arts schools, such as ours, are indeed rare. In a short time, Eukaryon has already received much acclaim from other schools around the country, who recognize the originality of such a publication, and who would like to begin to record and communicate their own successes in undergraduate scholarship in similar ways. 

While our inaugural issue of 2005 began this tradition of Eukaryon at Lake Forest College,  it  has been my honor to contribute as Editor-in-Chief to this first peer-reviewed issue of 2006. The students of the editorial board have learned a great deal of what it means to produce a scholarly journal, and are dedicated to continuing this tradition in years to come. 

I invite you to read and enjoy. We would welcome any concerns or comments from our readers, which can be directed to any board member.


Katrina Brandis’06



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