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Year Nine: Harvesting the Fruits of Our Labor

Ashley Reich
Department of Biology
Lake Forest College,
Lake Forest, IL 60045
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Dear Readers,

At the beginning of this academic year, we welcomed our new members to the editorial board, and reflected on our last nine years here at the College. We felt like these past few years have really been a growing period for us here at Eukaryon. Last year we adopted strong renovations to our review procedure, and are continually striving to be as efficient as we possibly can within the board. We decided that the theme of this year’s journal would be “Harvesting the fruits of our labor,” which we hoped would capture our journey through Eukaryon as a board thus far.

This year, Lake Forest College adopted a food-related theme that extended through the first-year’s studies curriculum, as well as the programming brought to campus. It was very important for us to make a connection with the theme of the school in this year’s edition of Eukaryon. By connecting with the theme of the college, we hoped to continue to spread awareness of who we are and the exceptional work that we produce. This year we also administered our bi-annual survey to biology majors and minors, the Eukaryon editorial staff, and the faculty of the department. One of our goals for this year’s survey was to assess our presence within the biology department amongst the students. We were incredibly excited to find out that more than 30% of this year’s first-year biology students knew about Eukaryon during their first few months on campus. This has been one of the highest reported percentages since we begun the survey. Eukaryon is very much looking forward to these first-year students joining our editorial board, and continuing to increase our involvement within the Biology department.

When deciding whom we wanted to invite for this year’s inaugural speaker, we knew that we wanted someone who could connect with science majors and non-science majors alike. We were very excited when Dr. Boris Igic from the University of Illinois-Chicago agreed to celebrate this year’s inauguration, because we knew then that we would be able to reach a vast audience. Dr. Igic will present his work on plant mating systems, which I am confident will bring together our students and faculty from diverse departments. Eukaryon has continued to diversify the articles that we publish within the journal–a goal that we set for the last edition of the journal. We are especially excited to publish our first two environmental studies theses, and are happy to report an increase in the number of psychology and environmental studies papers submitted to the review board. I am confident that this is just the start of the great depth that Eukaryon will accomplish by strengthening connections with other departments.

I am extremely honored to be a part of such a great group of peers who have dedicated their time to helping produce such a fantastic edition of the journal. I hope the rest of the editorial board is as proud of this journal as I am of it and them. I would first like to thank the members of the executive board who took on such great amount of responsibility with this year’s edition of the journal. I would especially like to thank all of the members of the editorial board. Without their commitment to their boards, and their vital input during of our meetings, the journal would not be what it is today. Eukaryon has been lucky to have both Lindsey Nemcek, New Media and Marketing Coordinator, and Dr. Dawn Abt-Perkins, Director of Writing Programs and Professor of Education, return with us this year to continue to make the features articles that are published in the journal the best they can possibly be. We appreciate all of their support and guidance throughout the year. The Eukaryon we know today would not be where it is without all of our alumni who have shown us the way, and showed us what dedication really is. In the past two years, the journal has gone through so much positive change, and none of that would have been possible without the support from Dr. Sean Menke. Thank you for your support at every meeting, in every email, and throughout this entire journey. Eukaryon is lucky to have such wonderful support all across campus, and we hope to make the College proud so that we can continue to showcase just how talented the life sciences of LakeForest College really is.


Ashley Reich



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