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Boomer’s Wellness Challenge promotes healthy living among students, faculty, staff

The Forester Fitness team launched a program this week to help students, faculty, and staff achieve their wellness-related New Year’s resolutions and get ready for spring break.

Boomer’s Wellness Challenge is a six-week competitive program that encourages the campus community to improve their personal health in four wellness categories: physical, social, intellectual/occupational, and emotional/spiritual.

A collaborative effort between Health Services and Athletics, the program also promotes setting and measuring realistic goals.

It is just one of several wellness initiatives the Colleges hopes to roll out this semester.

“We’re trying to get the campus community thinking about fitness and healthier lifestyles,” said Ashley Brown, assistant athletic trainer and Forester Fitness team member. “We didn’t want it to be just another weight loss challenge. We wanted to make it something that everyone around campus could participate in. Even if physical wellness isn’t your priority right now, there are still other areas you can work on.”

The challenge started Monday with 22 student teams and 27 faculty/staff teams registered; each team consists of three people. Student teams will compete against other student teams, and faculty/staff teams will compete against other faculty/staff teams.

Individuals can earn up to 21 points each week toward their team’s weekly total. The point system is set up to encourage participants to earn points in each wellness category and not just the one that tends to be their strength.

The Forester Fitness team also plans to offer to-be-announced bonus point opportunities each week when participants attend, for example, a Forester Fitness class or an informational session about nutrition or stress management. They also are planning a trivia night on Wednesday, January 30 at 5:15 p.m. in the Mohr Student Center, where participants can enter a raffle and target the social wellness category.

Prizes in the form of a Boomer’s water bottle, a Boomer’s t-shirt, and more serve as milestone prizes throughout the contest, and the first place team will receive a Forester Fitness bag with Forester gear and wellness gifts.