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Phi Beta Kappa scholars announced

On the brink of their 50th anniversary, the Lake Forest College Phi Beta Kappa chapter has announced the group of students who will be inducted into their ranks this spring.

Phi Beta Kappa is an academic honor society dedicated to the recognition of superior academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. The Lake Forest chapter was founded in 1962 and contains both faculty and student members. Each year, faculty members select student members on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. This year, Theta of Illinois proudly celebrates the 50th anniversary of our College‚Äôs charter.

Lake Forest College is one of only 280 colleges and universities in the United States meeting the standards of excellence necessary to form a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. 

The following students are newly inducted members of the Lake Forest chapter:

Inducted as a junior in 2011: 
Peluse, Sarah 

Senior class inductees:
Cole, Sydni
Boeger, Zakea
Collins, Peter
Diesbergen, Denise
Gaulke, Emilee
Gilbert, Alexander Q.
Helford, Susan
Kastsetskaya, Yekatsiaryna
Kim, Taehee
Kreka, Kosova
Kristan, Edward
Kurtz, Jennifer
Ledger, Elizabeth
Lopez Jimenez, Fiorella
Moorehead, Jenna
Nakase, Minami
Nguyen, Thang
Nguyen, Huy
Nugyen, Tu
Parkison, Samantha
Pearlman, Stuart
Ritchie, Alyssa
Rizvydeen, Saajidha
Ryskal, Yevgeniy
Schroeder, Kaitlyn
Shrestha, Pratibha
Skibiski, Lauren
Smith, Caitlin A.
Spoto, Sarah
Spoto, Angela
Voloshin, Danielle
Zawadowicz, Maria
Zhang, Minxu
Zhu, Xiaoyu 

Junior class inductees: 
Ugaste, Alysa
Ugurbil, Mehmet