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Schneiderman’s book release and reading

English professor Davis Schneiderman recently released his book Drain, a fictional novel about when Lake Michigan is completely drained in 2039. 

When professor Davis Schneiderman isn’t teaching, he’s writing. Lake Forest College’s new director of the Lake Forest College Press/& NOW Books just released his most recent book, Drain, the story of when Lake Michigan is completely drained in 2039. 

Schneiderman recently participated in a reading at Prairie Lights Books in Iowa. The Daily Iowan reports that he said, “Everything I see in real life becomes transfigured,” he said. “I don’t think of myself as an author, but as a DJ putting on different records and mixing them up to see what happens.”

Also featured in the newest installment of Small Press Conversation, Schneiderman spoke with other contemporary authors at the reading. Read more about his thoughts and views in this Powell’s Books conversation here

Schneiderman also mentioned his current project at Lake Forest College. His students are helping him tear apart books into shreds to create Blank, a novel which consists of only chapter titles and blank pages. Keep your eye out for news about this next publication.