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Match Challengers

Forester Thing







For every 100 donors, these match challengers are doubling the dollars:

  • Emily Budd Baillos ’92 and Peter Baillos ’92—Winnetka, Illinois
  • Ann and Steve Bartram ’79—Lake Forest, Illinois
  • David Beecher ’80—Madison, Connecticut
  • David Castagnetti ’84—Bethesda, Maryland
  • Emily and Geoff Curtis ’97—Park Ridge, Illinois
  • John DeFlorian ’96—Chicago, Illinois
  • George Frangos ’88—New York, New York
  • Karin Erdevig Gedge ’72 and Chuck Gedge ’68—West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Lauren Arnold Gorter ’81 and David Gorter ’80—Lake Forest, Illinois
  • Sandy Duncan Holmes ’68 and Harry Holmes ’68—Shaker Heights, Ohio
  • Jim Hunter ’71—Williamstown, Massachusetts
  • Randy Lauer ’81—Winnetka, Illinois
  • Kathy Lushbough Lombardo ’82 and Phil Lombardo ’81—Rochester, Minnesota
  • Bill Lowry ’84—Chicago, Illinois
  • Joe McCarthy ’78—Princeton, New Jersey
  • Scott Meloun ’81—Naples, Florida
  • Andrew Miller ’98—Winnetka, Illinois
  • Charlie Mitchell ’64—Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Jim Moeller ’80—Washington, D.C.
  • Mary Worland Napier ’84 and Keith Napier ’85—Deland, Florida
  • Randy Scully ’92—Bozeman, Montana
  • Bill Walsh ’89—Ottawa, Illinois 

Thank you Match Challengers!