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Access Chicago

360 Chicago

The 360 Chicago program provides students with the opportunity to interact with the city of Chicago through fun, custom created trips. Sponsored by the Center for Chicago Programs, and led by students familiar with the city and how to navigate it using its public transportation system, 360 Chicago trips aim to give students a one-of-a-kind experience in Chicago – completely free of charge.

February 17, 2018: Windy City Wonderland

Winter in Chicago. If you can’t beat it, embrace it during 360 Chicago’s Windy City Wonderland trip. Ride the Metra train from downtown Lake Forest to Ogilvie Transportation Center, the last stop on the Metra Union Pacific North Line, which drops you off in the heart of Chicago’s Loop district. First stop is Intelligentsia Coffee, a Chicago staple, where you’ll grab a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Next it’s off to Michigan Avenue where you’ll indulge in a hazelnut chocolate-themed treat at Chicago’s first Nutella CafĂ©. Full disclosure: There may be a line (hey, it’s popular!) but that’s what your Intelligentsia is for, right? To keep you warm while you wait! From there, you will make your way to Maggie Daley Park where you will take to the ice on the park’s infamous Skating Ribbon, featuring the city’s iconic skyline as its backdrop. We suggest you use the train ride back to campus as an opportunity to warm your fingers and toes!

March 24, 2018: “I Did It Pedway!

The Pedway. Never heard of it? Then 360 Chicago’s “I Did It Pedway! trip is just for you! Ride the Metra train from downtown Lake Forest to Ogilvie Transportation Center. First up: Lunch at Gino’s East where you’ll enjoy some of the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. After you’ve filled your stomachs, you’ll tour one of the city’s best kept secrets, The Pedway: An indoor-series of walkways and hallways in the Loop that allow you to stay dry when it rains and warm when it snows. If you haven’t toured the Pedway, then you haven’t lived. Okay, okay, that may be an exaggeration, but if you want to consider yourself an official “Chicagoan,” then trust us when we say - You need to know the Pedway (hey, that rhymed!).

April 14, 2018: Cultural Chicago

Get a taste of Chinatown during 360 Chicago’s Cultural Chicago trip. Ride the Metra train from downtown Lake Forest to Ogilvie Transportation. From there travel via water taxi along the Chicago River to Chinatown where you will then make your way to Lee Wing Wah restaurant for a dumpling making class. Also known as bao jiaozi, these delicious dumplings are one of China’s oldest and most popular dishes. Cap the day off with a visit to Ping Tom Memorial Park before catching the Water Taxi back to “The Loop,” then campus. This trip is co-sponsored by the Center for Chicago Programs and the Office of Intercultural Relations.