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Access Summer

Technology Summer Camps

Whether you are looking to have something as simple as a small meeting or as complex as a summer-long children’s camp, Lake Forest College’s Camps and Conference Services can help you reserve your event. 

For inquires and more information about hosting an event on campus during the school year (July 30 - May 14) or if you would like to use our facilities over the summer months (May 15 – July 29) please contact Kristen Nolan.

Emagination Tech Camps

Kids who love technology belong at Emagination! 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Photoshop, Game Design, Robotics, Engineering, Sports/Swimming & more!
June 10-July 20, 2018 (Overnight and Day Camp)
Phone: (877) 248-0206

iD Tech Camps

Learn about Cyber Security, Minecraft mods, or C++/Java programming. Kid will build laptops, create virtual reality games, and videos with drones, plus so much more! Week-long day and overnight summer programs for ages 7-17.
June 3-July 27, 2018
Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324)

iD Tech Alexa Cafe

Chic, collaborative, all girls summer tech camp for ages 10-15 with 3D printing, coding, engineering, web design, & app development classes.
June 25-July 27, 2018
Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324)

iD Game Design & Development Academy

Intensive, pre-college game design program for teens ages 13-18. Serious about a career in game development, virtual reality, or Esports? This is the place to get started!
July 16-July 27, 2018 (Overnight)
Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324)

iD Code & Engineering Academy

Two-week, intensive, pre-college experience for teens ages 13-18. Designed to immerse students in the fun, dynamic world of app development, programming, coding, & robotics engineering.
July 2-13, 2018 (Overnight)
Phone: (888) 709-TECH (8324)