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Social Justice

Off-Campus Social Justice Work

Chicago Connections

Relevant Chicago area internships include Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, Prairie State Legal Services, Stone and Associates law office, Democracy Matters, the Midwest Office of Amnesty International USA, and the American Friends Service Committee. 

The College also has connections to various community organizations, such as Jane Adams Hull House, CAAELI, Chicago Alliance, and the Cambodian Association of Illinois.

Washington, D.C.

Washington Semester has a program on justice.

Border Studies

Economics 280:The Mexican-American Border includes a three week trip along the border.

Program in Paris

Various internships through the Paris Internship Program include a social justice component, e.g., Voix d’elles Rebelles (women’s shelter), Resto du coeur (a kind of soup kitchen), UNESCO delegations, Assemblée Nationale, International Herald Tribune, and KUNA (Kuwaiti News Agency)

Students interested in pursuing issues in social justice beyond college should seek a background in ethics and philosophy (e.g., PHIL 270, PHIL 275, PHIL 290, and PHIL 310 or PHIL 325), economics (e.g., ECON 210 and ECON 220), politics and international relations (e.g., POLS 240. POLS 348, POLS 360, POLS 365), and sociology/anthropology (e.g., SOAN 210, SOAN 221, SOAN 231, SOAN 290, SOAN 375, SOAN 380). Work in the history of regions of interest and proficiency in relevant foreign languages are also recommended. For some areas, e.g., public health issues, background in the sciences is needed. Students should also seek practical experience with organizations, businesses or government agencies that deal with social justice. Internships are possible here, but longer-term, co-curricular involvement on issues that one finds especially pressing is strongly advised.