• Catherine Benton
    Associate Professor and Chair of Religion

    Areas of Study: history of religions, Asian religions, cross-cultural studies

  • Benjamin Zeller
    Assistant Professor of Religion

    Areas of Study: North American religions, Christianity,
    religion & culture

  • Ariel Schwartz
    Lecturer in Religion

    Areas of Study: conceptualizing religion and violence; intersections of religion, secularism, and politics

  • Laura Dingeldein
    Lecturer in Religion

    Areas of Study:? moral development promoted by Ancient Christians; use of philosophical concepts by Ancient Christians

  • Jason Renken
    Lecturer in Religion

    Area of Study: integrative studies in ethics and theology

  • Ryan Cook
    Lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology

    Areas of Study: science and technology studies, new religious movements, environment and disasters, epistemology, expertise, Mexico and the U.S.

  • Hazim Fazlic
    Lecturer in Religion

    Areas of Study: Islamic studies

  • Julius Crump
    Lecturer in Religion

    Areas of Study: theories of the public and secularity, African American religious thought