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Internships and Careers

Melissa Goosmann '14 worked two internships at local health centers that helped prepare her for t...Melissa Goosmann '14 worked two internships at local health centers that helped prepare her for the job market.

At Lake Forest, both quality academic programs and internship experiences help students prepare for the working world. Our proximity to Chicago offers access not only to extensive internship options, but also to a network of powerful alumni and friends.

Psychology internships

Our psychology department has one of the most extensive internship programs at the College.

We have partnered with more than 70 institutions in the Chicago area to provide practical and relevant field experiences for our majors in social service agencies, hospitals, and other applied educational, organizational, or legal settings. These experiences allow counseling, teaching, research, and other skills to be cultivated in preparation for later professional training and/or employment.

Lake Forest students can pursue up to three for-credit internships. Our location in the Chicago metropolitan region offers a wide variety of internship possibilities

Types of internship settings include:

  • Clinical And Counseling
    • adolescent and adult inpatient and outpatient therapy
    • alcohol and drug treatment
    • therapies for autism spectrum and other conditions
    • rehabilitation psychology
  • Legal
    • forensic psychology and social work
    • states attorney’s offices and probation units
    • local and state police departments
  • Social Service
    • rape crisis and sexual assault
    • domestic violence
    • enrichment and intervention programs
    • children’s hospitals
    • Alzheimer’s and dementia facilities
  • Educational
    • school psychology and social work
    • teen outreach
    • Montessori schools
    • athletic and adaptive sports programs
  • Industrial/Organizational
    • human resources
    • data analysis
  • Research
    • academic and policy institutions in the Chicago region

Psychology internships are for academic credit only and are available to juniors and seniors. Students interested in a psychology internship should email Professor Kathryn Dohrmann, faculty supervisor of psychology internships.