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While most of our graduates either seek immediate employment or attend professional schools, we regularly have students interested in graduate work in philosophy, and we have an enviable record for admissions to quality programs.

While a Ph.D. is generally required for a permanent teaching position in Philosophy, students need not apply directly to Ph.D. programs.  There are now a number masters programs in philosophy which have strong records of placing their graduates in top Ph.D. programs.  We encourage our students to consider both paths, leaving their options open.

Admission to graduate programs is competitive; our faculty members are committed to working with student during the application process.  A quality writing sample is essential, and our emphasis on independent work with faculty (in tutorials, research projects, and senior theses) helps ensure our students have strong submissions.

Numerous online sources are available for students considering graduate work in philosophy.  Among these are rankings of graduate programs.  Especially for Ph.D. programs, however, at least as important as the general ranking is whether a department has faculty members working in an applicant’s primary area of interest.

Useful Online Information for those Considering Graduate Work in Philosophy:

American Philosophical Association Guide to Graduate Programs

American Philosophical Association  Information on Teaching Careers                             

Ranking of grad programs

Philosophy without rankings