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Jobs with a BA in philosophy

As for other disciplines, philosophy majors are encouraged to work with our professionals in the Career Advancement Center.  Philosophy majors should highlight essential skills developed through their studies.  Career Advancement Center staff regularly work with students to craft effective resumes and to develop interviewing skills.  

Of course, the job search is the last stage in a long process. CAC staff, as well as philosophy faculty, are prepared to help with the earlier reflections on what kind of professional life one seeks.  Though students often arrive on campus with a specific vision of their future career, many will see that vision change during their undergraduate years.  And given our constantly evolving world, many people change jobs and even careers in the course of their lives.  The reflection needed for dealing with these ‘big picture’ issues in one’s life can be enhanced by the skills and perspective offered through the study of Philosophy, but much more is needed.

Philosophy majors have plenty of time during their four years to take advantage of opportunities that will help them decide on career paths and gain valuable experience. Thus students are encouraged to experiment throughout their college careers, by exploring new areas both on campus and off.  As one’s vision for life after Lake Forest becomes more settled, course work, extracurricular activities, and off-campus study can be invaluable.  Those interested in business can take courses in economics, finance, and business.  Students considering careers in nonprofit or service organizations can explore  courses in social justice as well as disciplines like sociology.  Students interested in media and the arts can take courses in communication as well as art and music.  All students are eligible for internships, and the Chicago area offers opportunities in business, government, and nonprofit organizations.   

[M]any leaders of the tech world — from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman to Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield — say that studying philosophy was the secret to their success as digital entrepreneurs.
 “The thought leaders of our industry are not the ones who plodded dully, step by step, up the career ladder,” said Horowitz. “They’re the ones who took chances and developed unique perspectives.
 Carolyn Gregoire, “The Unexpected Way Philosophy Majors Are Changing The World Of Business”