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Master of Liberal Studies


Photos from MLS events

  • MLS 2017 Fall Social
    The annual MLS Fall Social was held in Glen Rowan on October 23.  Students mixed with alumni, faculty and staff.  Dan LeMahieu gave an update on the MLS program, including upcoming courses and projects.
  • MLS Graduation 2017
    The Master of Liberal Studies program graduated seven students this year.  Six of the seven were honored at a ceremony and reception at Glen Rowan House on Friday, May 12, where they received their graduate hoods.
  • MLS Fall Social 2016
  • MLS Graduation 2016
    Faculty, family and friends came to Glen Rowan to watch five MLS students receive their graduate hoods last Friday,  MLS graduates,  Mike Dau, Jordan Flesch, Shauna Flesch, Monica Kielawa, and Jeffrey Lobo were all smiles as they talked with others after the ceremony.
  • MLS Fall Social 2015
    MLS students gather with faculty and alumni at the annual mixer in Glen Rowan.
  • MLS Graduation 2015
    Honoring the academic achievements of Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) graduates, Jolene Riordan and Bruce Campbell, alumni, professors, friends and family members attended the ceremony and reception at Glen Rowan House on May 8.
  • MLS Fall Social 2014
    Current students and alumni joined faculty and staff of the MLS program in a casual atmosphere for their annual fall get-together.
  • MLS Graduation 2014
    MLS hooding ceremony and reception on May 9, 2014.
  • MLS Fall Reception 2013
    MLS students, faculty, and alumni gather at Glen Rowan House for the annual Fall reception on October 14, 2013.
  • MLS Graduation 2013
    MLS hooding ceremony and reception for 2013 graduates.
  • MLS Fall Social 2012
    Annual Fall Social was held on October 22, 2012 in Wood Lounge.
  • MLS 2012 Graduation
    MLS hooding ceremony and reception at the Glen Rowan House on May 11, 2012.
  • MLS Fall Social 2011
    October 31, 2011.  Students, alumni, faculty and staff gather for the annual Fall social.
  • MLS Graduation 2011
  • MLS Fall Social 2010
    Current MLS students socialize with MLS alumni and faculty at annual fall social.