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  • DeJuran Richardson
    Ernest H. Volwiler Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Areas of Study:  statistics, biostatistics

  • Robert Holliday
    Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Areas of Study:  computer science, combinatorics

  • Craig Knuckles
    Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Chair of Digital Media Design

    Areas of Study:  control theory and optimization, functional analysis, computer science

  • Jill Van Newenhizen
    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Areas of Study:  social choice theory, functional analysis

  • Sugata Banerji
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Areas of Study: computer vision, scene understanding, machine learning

  • Enrique Treviño
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics

    Areas of Study:  number theory, analytical and computational number theory

  • Marvin Johnson
    Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

    Areas of Study:  history of mathematics, educational statistics

  • Ruthane Bopp
    Lecturer in Mathematics

    Areas of Study:  real analysis, algebra

  • George Pryjma
    Lecturer in Education and Mathematics

    Areas of study: math, education

  • Safa Hamed
    Lecturer in Mathematics

    Areas of Study: mathematics, applied mathematics, math education

  • Alla Podolny
    Lecturer in Mathematics

    Areas of Study:  theory of nonlinear waves, nonlinear stability theory of viscous and convection flows, pattern formation theory, convection in systems with interface, microgravity phenomena, nannofluids

  • Gladys Poma
    Lecturer in Mathematics

    Areas of Study: real analysis, probability and statistics, geometry

  • Zoya Alvi Mizra
    Lecturer in Computer Science

    Area of Study: computer science

Emeriti Faculty

  • Edward Packel 
    Ernest H. Volwiler Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  functional analysis, applications of mathematics to the behavioral and social sciences, computer science