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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Requirements before Fall 2016

  • Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    No major is currently available.

    Requirements for the Minor:

    At least 6 credits, including 4 required courses:

    • ENTP 120: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    • ENTP 345/BUSN 345: Principles of Marketing^
    • ENTP 350: Innovation, Franchising and Small Business Development
    • ENTP 380: Entrepreneurial Ventures

    At least 2 electives, chosen from the following list, with at most one at the 100-level:

    • ENTP 346/BUSN346: Entrepreneurial Marketing
    • ENTP 360/BUSN360: Social Entrepreneurship
    • ENTP 370/FIN 370: Entrepreneurial Finance
    • ART 142: Digital Design Foundations
    • ART 253: Graphic Design
    • ART 370: Interactive Web Design
    • CHIN 313: Chinese for International Affairs and Business
    • CSCI 107: Introduction to Web Programming
    • CSCI 270: Web Development
    • ENGL 111: Introduction to Professional Writing
    • ENGL 369: Profesional Writing in the Digital Age
    • FREN 320: French for International Affairs and Business
    • LOOP 202: Professional Development in the 21st Century
    • PSYC 208: Psychology of Career Development
    • PSYC 345: Organizational and Industrial Psychology
    • SPAN 321: Business Spanish
    • THTR 480: The Business of Show Business
    • Any internship with an entrepreneurial focus, according to the following stipulations.
      • The internship must be cleared with the Program chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation before the internship starts, at which time the student must demonstrate that the internship will have an important connection with the entrepreneurship curriculum.  Upon completing the internship, the student must also submit a reflective paper to the Program chair that speaks to the internship’s entrepreneurship experiences. At most one elective can be satisfied with an internship, regardless of whether the internship is for one or two credits.

    ^ Business majors and minors who also minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation cannot count BUSN 345 Principles of Marketing toward their business major or minor as a 300-level elective.