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Department Faculty

  • Rachel Ragland
    Professor of Education

    Areas of Study: secondary education

  • Desmond Odugu
    Associate Professor and Chair of Education

    Areas of Study: comparative and international education

  • Jacquelynn S. Popp
    Assistant Professor of  Education

    Areas of Study: elementary education

  • Beth Ahlgrim
    Lecturer in Education

    Areas of Study: secondary english

  • Brian Weidner
    Lecturer in Education

    Area of Study: music education

  • Victoria Helander-Heiser
    Lecturer in Education

    Areas of Study: student teaching supervision

  • Kristen Carlson
    Lecturer in Education

    Areas of Study: literacy education

  • Ingrid Wiemer
    Lecturer in Education

    Area of Study: special education

  • David Meekhof
    Lecturer in Education

    Area of Study:  elementary art

  • Judith Lindgren
    Lecturer in Education

    Areas of Study: teacher evaluation and instruction

  • James Sullivan
    Lecturer in Education

    Areas of Study: secondary science education

  • George Pryjma
    Lecturer in Education and Mathematics

    Areas of study: math, education

  • Judy Lafferty
    Lecturer in Education

    Areas of study: elementary and middle school education

  • Barbara Harvey
    Lecturer in Education and French

    Areas of Study: K12 Modern Language Education, French language and literature

Associated Faculty

  • Holly Swyers
    Associate Professor of Anthropology, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology (fall), Chair of Urban Studies (fall)

    Areas of Study: U.S. culture, American adulthood, 20th-21st century U.S. education, sports, community development and maintenance

  • Scott N. Edgar
    Assistant Professor of Music, Chair of Music Education

    Areas of Study: music education, band

  • Catherine Sardo Weidner
    Senior Lecturer in History

    Areas of Study: American history

  • Dawn Abt-Perkins
    Director of Writing Programs, Special Assistant to the Dean of Faculty and Professor of Education, Chair of Self-Designed Major

    Areas of Study: secondary and multicultural education

Emeriti Faculty

  • Shelley Sherman
    Associate Professor of Education, Emerita

    Areas of Study: elementary education and educational studies

Education Advisory Council

The Education Advisory Council is an appointed committee consisting of faculty from all divisions of the college, local teachers representing school partners, alumni, and current education majors elected by their peers. The Council designs and implements a course of study consistent with expectations of the department.

Education Advisory Council 2017-2018

On-Campus Faculty

Anne Barry, Music
Shiwei Chen, History
Josh Corey, English
Kathryn Dohrmann, Psychology
Elizabeth Fischer, Chemistry
David Fernandez-Diaz, Modern Languages
Ann Maine, Biology
Karen Lebergott, Art
Desmond Odugu, Education, Chair
Jacquelynn Popp, Education
Rachel Ragland, Education
DeJuran Richardson, Mathematics

Student Members

Ayana Bankston, ’18
Amanda G King, ’18
Tyler Madeley, ’18
Rachel Manchur, ’18

Local Teachers/ Alumni

Kathy Babcock ’85, Waukegan High School, Waukegan, IL
Michele Bertola ’99, Warren Township High School, Gurnee, IL
Amanda Eder ’14, Lake Bluff Elementary School, Lake Bluff , IL
Carrie Huse ’14, Everett Elementary School, Lake Forest, IL
Frank McCormick ’10, Waukegan High School, Waukegan, IL
Sarah Magsino ’14, Lake Bluff Elementary, Lake Bluff, IL
Carolyn Scaccia, Lake Forest, IL