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Asian Studies


Professor Shiwei Chen and his research team outside Peking University.Professor Shiwei Chen and his research team outside Peking University.

Asian Studies brings together specialists in history, philosophy, politics, religion, sociology, anthropology, and the languages of China and Japan. 

  • Rui Zhu
    Professor of Philosophy

    Areas of Study:  Asian and comparative philosophy, Plato, philosophy of mind

  • Shiwei Chen
    Professor of History, Chair of Asian Studies (spring)

    Areas of Study:  East Asian history

  • Catherine Benton
    Associate Professor of Religion

    Areas of Study: Asian religious traditions and story literatures (Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism), religious communities in India (Hindu and Muslim), cross-cultural communication, and film and religion

  • Ying Wu
    Assistant Professor of Chinese

    Areas of Study: sociolinguistics; Chinese linguistics; business Chinese; Chinese literature in translation and culture

  • Eiko Ichinose
    Lecturer in Japanese

    Area of Study: Japanese language