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Off-Campus Study


In addition to the requirements set by each specific program, Lake Forest College has its own eligibility requirements before allowing our students to study abroad for credit.

To be eligible to participate in an off-campus program, students must meet the following requirements:
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing, with no serious or sustained academic or disciplinary issues
  • Maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA
  • Have spent at least one year on the main campus of Lake Forest College. (Transfer students must spend one semester on campus before participating in an off-campus program)
    • Students may not participate in an off-campus program in their first semester back after a Leave of Absence, Judicial Suspension, or Medical Withdrawal.
  • Meet all College deadlines for applications and pre-departure materials
  • Demonstrate the maturity, independence and readiness to participate in a program off-campus, as shown by approvals from the academic advisor(s) and offices in Student Affairs

Each individual program may have its own GPA, language, coursework, or level-in-school requirements.  Students must meet the requirements of both Lake Forest College and their host program; being deemed eligible by the College does not guarantee a student will be accepted by a host program or university.

Some programs may have a minimum number of participants before the program will run.

Still others may need to be reviewed each year for safety reasons due to their locations and/or government warnings, and will only be approved on a conditional basis but require final review and approval from President Schutt. Lake Forest receives daily updates on health and safety concerns around the world.  Should a country seem unsafe or have a travel warning for an area at Level 3 or 4 issued by the United States Department of State, President Schutt will review the program to determine if a student will be allowed to participate.Contact Director of Off-Campus Programs for more information on safety concerns.

A student that is currently under disciplinary or academic probation, or will be under probation during any portion of their off-campus program, is not eligible to study off-campus.  

Late Applications

Late applicants who do not meet campus deadlines may still be allowed to participate in ISEP Exchange programs or Lake Forest College in the Loop, if approved by the Director of Off-Campus Programs.


Appeal Process

Students denied participation on academic or conduct grounds may petition the Academic Appeals Board to consider their case.  The Academic Appeals Board is unable to consider cases of students denied by non-Lake Forest program hosts.

Approval by the Academic Appeals Board (AAB) is required if:

  • You do not meet eligibility and program requirements by the time of participation (NOTE: Each program may have eligibility requirements beyond the 2.5 required by campus. The AAB cannot overrule requirements by a third party.)
  • You have selected a summer program not on the approved list.  This will also require OCP Committee Approval.  (Approval for a semester program not on the approved list requires an appeal to the Curricular Policies Committee, and takes a bit longer.)
  • You will be participating in an off-campus program as a first semester sophomore or during your final semester
  • You intend to earn credit from an internship on an off-campus program before you achieve junior status
  • You intend to earn credit from direct enrollment in a non-U.S. institution (including Canadian universities) that are not through ISEP or another pre-approved program
  • You intend to participate in more than 2 semester-length off-campus programs (not including the Loop)
  • You intend to complete more than three total terms off-campus (ie, 2 semesters off-campus, plus 2 semesters in the Loop)

OCP will send all student applications for an appeal to the AAB. Your academic advisor must also send the AAB a written statement of support. You must copy the Director of Off-Campus Programs on all emailed appeals.  If an AAB approval is needed, you will not get approval from OCP unless AAB also approves of your participation.

An appeal to President Schutt is needed if a student intends to study in a location where there is an active Travel Warning.  See Ashley Sinclair for details.