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Off-Campus Study

Off-Campus Programs

This map is clickable and zoom-able!  Feel free to explore!

Participating in an off-campus program, whether to study, intern, research or volunteer, can be a life-changing experience. At Lake Forest College, we understand that our students have individual learning goals, which is why we have such a robust set of approved off-campus programs — over 200 options in 70 countries! (And this is just our semester options!) 

To find the program for you, filter for programs by interest using tags listed to the right.  In addition to tags for majors and minors, there are options to find off-campus programs for internships, research, and volunteering or service-learning. 

Clicking more than one tag (ex: Internships and business) will find programs that have those options in common.  Each major/minor tag means there is at least one course, internship or research opportunity that may fit; it is not guaranteed that you will be taking all classes in that topic. Learn more about narrowing down your options here.

See the Financial Aid section for more details regarding aid transferability.