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Alex Shingleton

Associate Professor of Biology


Integrative developmental biology: developmental biology, physiology and evolution.

Research Interests

Our laboratory studies the molecular-genetic and physiological regulation of body and organ size, and how this regulation evolves. We integrate molecular biology, physiology and evolutionary biology to generate a synthetic understanding of why animals are the size and shape that they are. Our research uses the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model organism for animal development.

See my research webpage for complete details.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University 
PhD Zoology, Clare College, University of Cambridge 
BA Zoology, St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford 

Positions Held

08.2013 –: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Lake Forest College 

07.2012 – 08.2013: Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Michigan State University 

01.2006 – 06.2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, Michigan State University: 

Selected Courses Taught

Biology 120L: Organismal Biology
Biology 131: Biological Inquiry: The Biology of Dogs
Biology 143: Biological Inquiry: The Biology of Sex 
Biology 389: Evolution

Selected Publications

Research Articles

For complete list see here.

Shingleton, A.W., Masandika, J. R., Thorsen, L.S., Zhu, Y., Mirth, C.K. 2017. The sex-specific effects of diet quality versus quantity on size and shape in Drosophila melanogaster. Royal Society Open Science. 4: 170375.

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Book Chapters

Shingleton, A.W. 2011. The regulation and evolution of growth and body size. in “Mechanisms of Life History Evolution” (T. Flatt & A. Heyland, Eds), OUP

Frankino, W.A., Emlen, D.J. & Shingleton, A.W.2009.Experimental approaches to studying the evolution of morphological allometries: The shape of things to come. in “Experimental Evolution” (T. Garland & M.R. Rose, Eds), University of California Press, Berkley.


2016 – 2019: NSF (IOS-1557638): The proximate basis of individual variation in phenotypic plasticity. ($436,772). PI. Shingleton

2013 – 2017:  NSF (IOS-1256565): Is hypoxia a critical cue for molting in Drosophila? ($326,000). PI: Shingleton

2009 – 2014: NSF (IOS-0919855): CAREER: Size Matters – The control of allometry in Drosophila. ($591,517). PI: Shingleton

2009 – 2013: NSF (IOS-0845847): Tipping the Scales - A selection approach to the developmental regulation of morphological scaling ($218,626). PI: Shingleton; Co-PI: I. Dworkin