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Bonnie Salomon

Lecturer, Philosophy


MD, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, 1987
AB, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1983

Postgraduate Training
Northwestern University, Chicago, Section of Emergency Medicine, 1987 -1991
Chief Resident, Emergency Medicine, 1991
Fellowship, Clinical Medical Ethics, The University of Chicago, 1998-2000

Selected Publications

Olsen JC, Salomon B: “Utility of the Creatinine Prior to Intravenous Contrast Studies in the Emergency Department.” Journal of Emergency Medicine, 14(5):543,1996.

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Books (Anthologies)
Salomon B: “Munich. May, 1987.” Bittersweet Legacy: Creative Responses to the Holocaust, edited by Cynthia Brody. University Press of America, Lanham, Maryland, pg. 197, 2001.
Salomon B: “Yahrzeit.” The Cancer Poetry Project, edited by Karin Miller. Fairview Press, Minneapolis, pg. 154, 2001.
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Book Reviews
“House Calls, Rounds, and Healings:A Poetry Casebook” by David Scheidermayer. Academic Emergency Medicine 8(4):829,1997.
“Taking the History” by David Watts, The Pharos, 63(2):46,2000.

Newspaper Articles
Salomon B: “Life and Death on the Trauma Unit.” Chicago Tribune, 1/25/93.
Salomon B: “Focusing on the face of brutality.” Chicago Tribune, 10/16/94.
Salomon B: “Social Ills Strain Hospital’s ER.” Chicago Sun-Time,s 8/6/95.
Salomon B: “The Way We Were.” Chicago Tribune, 2/12/95.
Salomon B: “Final Offer? Surgeons for sale.” Chicago Tribune, 6/2/2000.

Invited Lectures 

“Literature and Medicine,” the National Humanities in Medicine Summer Seminar at Georgetown University, 1986.

“Ethics in the Emergency Department,” Center for Clinical Ethics, Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois, 1991.

“Domestic Violence,” Center for Clinical Ethics, Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois, 1995.

“Ethics and Emergency Medicine,” for Northwestern University Residency in Emergency Medicine, Evanston Hospital, 1992.

“Missed Diagnoses in Emergency Medicine,” Grand Rounds of Northwestern University Residency in Emergency Medicine, Evanston Hospital, 1994.

“Death in the Emergency Department,” Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course, Lutheran General Hospital, 1998; Resurrection Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, 2000; Grand Rounds for Northwestern University Residency in Emergency Medicine, Evanston Hospital, 2000.

“Neurological Emergencies,” Illinois College of Emergency Physicians Board Review Course, 1993-2001.


Alpha Omega Alpha
Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians
Illinois College of Emergency Physicians
American Society for Bioethics and Humanities


Poetry Prize, Annals of Internal Medicine 2001.
Editor’s Prize, The Pharos 2000.
Honorable Mention, creative writing contest, Journal of General Internal Medicine 2001
Finalist and Honorable Mention, creative writing contest, Journal of General Internal Medicine 2000
Finalist, creative writing contest, Journal of General Internal Medicine 1999
Mulroy Award for excellence in Emergency Medicine, 1991
James Scholar, UIC College of Medicine
Semi-finalist, Outstanding Senior Medical Student Award, IJIC College of Medicine,1987
Cum laude in General Studies, Harvard University, 1983
John Harvard Scholarship, 1983
Agassiz Certificate of Academic Merit, Radcliffe College, 1983
The Armstrong Prize for Writing, Amherst College, 1980