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Mathematics and Computer Science

Alla Podonly

Lecturer, Mathematics

Areas of Specialization

Theory of nonlinear waves; nonlinear stability theory of viscous and convection flows; pattern formation theory; convection in systems with interface; microgravity phenomena; nannofluids. 


Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, 2010

PhD in Mathematics, Technion, Israel, 2008

MS in Mathematics, Technion, Israel, 2003

BS in Physics, Samara State University, Russia, 1996

Selected Honors and Administrative Positions

Excellence award for Postdoc fellows studying abroad, Department of Mathematics, Technion, Israel 2009

Research Prize in honor of Prof. Moshe Israeli for the work “Numerical Simulations of Marangoni Phenomena in Nanofluids.” 

Selected Courses Taught

Elementary Functions

Selected Publications

Podolny, A., Nepomnyashchy and A.Oron, “Rayleigh-Marangoni Instability of Binary Fluids with Small Lewis Number and Nano-Fluids in the Presence of the Soret Effect,” Fluid Dynamics and Materials Processing, 6, 13-40, (2010).

Podolny, A., Nepomnyashchy and A. Oron, “Long-wave Coupled Marangoni-Rayleigh Instability in Math a Binary Liquid Layer in the Presence of the Soret Effect,” Math. Model. Nat. Phenon., Vol. 3, No 1, 1-26, (2008).

Selected Conference Presentations

Mathematical Modeling of Cell Biopreservation by Desiccation, SIAM Annual meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2010.

“Marangoni Convection in Binary and Nanofluids in the Presence of the Soret Effect.” , Russell Berrie Nantechnology Institute, Winter School, Dead Sea, Israel. 

Selected Talks

“Marangoni Convection in Binary and Nanofluids in the Presence of the Soret Effect.”  The Seventh EUROMECH Fluid Mechanics Conference, University of Manchester, Great Britian, September, 2008. 

“Marangoni Convection in Binary and Nanofluids in the Presence of the Soret Effect.” Eighth International Meeting on Thermodiffusion, Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Bonn, Germany.