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Louis G. Lombardi

Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus
Director, Ethics Center

Educational Background

PhD Philosophy, University of Illinois
AB Political Philosophy, Brown University

Courses Taught

First-Year Studies 151: War and the Challenge of Pacifism
First-Year Studies 169: The Meaning of Life
Philosophy 110: Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy 110/5: Law and Freedom
Philosophy 120: Contemporary Ethical Issues
Philosophy 200: Philosophy and Gender
Philosophy 201: Medical Ethics
Philosophy 203: Business Ethics
Philosophy 220: Philosophy of Education
Philosophy 240: Philosophy of Law
Philosophy 270: American Philosophy: Principles and Pragmatism
Philosophy 272: Currents in Latin American Thought
Philosophy 281: Evolution of Institutional Values
Philosophy 299: History of Western Philosophy: Ancient Greece
Philosophy 310: Communication Ethics
Philosophy 325: Major Ethical Theories
Philosophy 330: Philosophical Foundations of Political Ideologies
Philosophy 410: Seminar on Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Humanities 200: Visions of the Self (team-taught)
Greek Civilizations 201: Ancient Greece:
Life, Thought and the Arts (team-taught)
Master of Liberal Studies 516: The Idea of Law (team-taught)
Master of Liberal Studies 538: Ethics and Life (team-taught)
Master of Liberal Studies 538: Ethics and International Affairs (team-taught)

Scholarly Publications

“Mill on Character, Virtue, and Utility,” in Hudson and Peden (eds.), The Social Power of Ideas (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellon Press, 1995)

“Intentions, Uncertainty, and Deterrence,” International Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 6, no. 1 (Spring 1991)

“Character vs. Codes: Models for Research Ethics,” International Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol. 5, no. 1 (Spring 1990)

“The Justification of Rights,” in Peden and Sterba (eds.), Freedom, Equality, and Social Change

Moral Analysis: Foundations, Guides, and Applications,   SUNY Press (1988)

“Self-Regulation: Business and the Professions,” Business and Professional Ethics Journal, Vol. 5, no. 2 (1988)

“The Nature of Rights,” Philosophy Research Archives, Vol.11 (March 1986)

“The Legal versus the Moral on Abortion,” Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol 16, no. 1 (January 1986)

“A Quick Justification for Business Ethics,” Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 4 (1985)

“Freedom and Choosers,” Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 15, no. 1 (Winter 1984)

“Inherent Worth, Respect, and Rights,” Environmental Ethics, Vol. 5, no. 3 (Fall 1983)

“Freedom and Moral Training,” Journal of Social Philosophy, Vol. 14, no. 4 (Special Issue 1983);  slightly revised and reprinted in Hudson and Peden (eds.), Philosophical Essays on the Ideas of a Good Society (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellon Press, 1989)

Administrative Positions

Director, Ethics Center, 2006-
Administrator, Program in Greece and Turkey, 2005-; 1994-2003; 2005-
On-site Director, Program in Greece and Turkey, LFC, Spring 2000, Spring 1995, Spring 1990
Chair, Department of Philosophy, Lake Forest College, 2005-, 2001-2004, 1997-00, 1992-96, 1986-90
Chair, Religion Department, 2006-
Chair, Subcommittee on Promotion and Tenure, LFC, 2001-04
Chair, Faculty Personnel Policies Committee, LFC, 1999-2000, 1997-98, 1992-93
Chair, Freshman Studies Advisory Committee, Lake Forest College, 1995-96
Chair, Human Subjects Review Committee, Lake Forest College, 1991-92
Chair, Long Range Planning Committee, 1987-89

Other Governance Committee Service

  • Member, Academic Policies Committee, 1993-96, 1987-88, 1983-84
  • Member, Faculty Personnel Policies Committee, 2001-4, 1997-2000, 1992-93, 1988-89, 1985-87 (Secretary, 1985-6)
  • Member and Secretary, College Council, 1981-82