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Student Letters


This page of Lake Forest Letters features student writing.  All students of economics, at Lake Forest College and elsewhere, are invited to submit short opinion pieces for publication, of up to 1500 words with a central focus of economic interest.

 Submissions are reviewed and edited by S. Aneeqa Aqeel.

  • by Ryan Bullock - Class of 2017

    In the 2013 Season, one of the most recently concluded seasons at the time of this writing, the NFL grossed $9.58 billion, with each team receiving about $299.4 million.
  • Ian Schappe - Class of 2016

    China’s explosive growth over the past decades has stumbled recently, leading many economists and policy makers to wonder whether China can sustain its status as an economic powerhouse into the future.
  • by Arsh Shah - Class of 2017

    Healthcare spending continues to be a massive expense in our country; one that is proven to be an economic toxin if  money is not spent carefully.
  • by Joseph Allen - Class of 2016
    For more than two decades Japan’s economy has been in a state of stagnation.