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ACCESS | Why we give

  • David Gorter ’80

    “Isn’t it the duty of every alum to give? You got something and now you need to pay it forward.”

    David Gorter ’80  
  • David C. Wiers

    “A strengthened endowment and, specifically, endowed scholarships are ways in which we can ensure the brightest of futures for Lake Forest College and guarantee that the College will stay true to its mission.”

    David C. Wiers  

ACCESS | Your impact

  • Olivia Dellomodarme ’19

    “Working on research…you can actually see when you’re making real progress and finally obtaining results. That’s really rewarding.”

    Olivia Dellomodarme ’19  
  • Sean Tilton ’18

    “The professors are absolutely phenomenal in giving support, offering help with what you need to work on, and helping you identify what your strengths are.”

    Sean Tilton ’18