Lake Forest College is known for making the college experience an affordable one for our students and their families. To get an idea of the scholarship you may be eligible for, see the chart below using your high school GPA (weighted or unweighted) and your ACT or SAT score.

Not on the grid?

Don’t worry! At Lake Forest College, we know that our students are more than just a number. We are searching for interesting, well-rounded students to add to our already diverse community. Your engagement with the College, accomplishments in and out of the classroom, leadership potential, course preparation, and more will be taken into consideration by our holistic review. Don’t hesitate to apply!

Applying Test-Optional?

Those students who are applying without submitting their ACT or SAT scores should schedule an interview with their admission counselor as soon as possible. We believe that this conversation tells more about a student’s drive and passion for learning than a standardized exam. Students who apply test-optional will be reviewed for scholarship on an individual basis using our holistic review process.


As an institution that is truly diverse in every sense of the word, we at Lake Forest College pride ourselves in our holistic admissions review. Whether you find yourself on the above grid or not, your admissions counselor will review your file for scholarship consideration based on qualities that we know make a successful Forester. Beyond just a GPA or test-score, we are looking for students that want a personalized academic experience, paired with the world-class opportunities that Chicago has to offer.

Fine Art Scholarships

Lake Forest College offers talent-based scholarships in music, studio art, and theater. Scholarships require an application for admission, the scholarship application, and either an audition for music and theater, or portfolio review for studio art. Scholarships are available to both majors and non-majors.

Durand Art Scholarship (pdf)
Hixon Theater Scholarship (pdf)
Reid Music Scholarship (pdf)

Chicago Public Schools Scholarship

Students who apply from a Chicago Public School with at least a 3.5 weighted GPA and either a 24 ACT or 1120 SAT (M+V) or higher, will be considered for an additional $2,000 in merit scholarship. Students will automatically be considered for funds at time of admission. Students must complete an application for admission no later than January 15 to be considered.

Scholarship Highlights

  • 98% of admitted students receive scholarship and/or need-based financial assistance from the College.
  • Merit-based and need-based aid may be used for many off-campus programs.
  • Scholarships are guaranteed for all four years as long as the student maintains a 2.0 GPA and satisfactory academic progress.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are eligible to receive scholarships of up to $25,000 per year. Please see the Transfer page for more details.