Islamic World Studies

As a program that aims to examine Islam as a faith and civilizing force, the Islamic World Studies program both offers coursework on Islam and encourages students and faculty to incorporate the study of Islam into the College’s existing curriculum.

Islamic World Studies offers a variety of programming outside the classroom for students, faculty, and the general public to complement the academic coursework offered to students. 

Students who choose this minor gain valuable cross-cultural insights and learn skills in diverse disciplines, often pursuing graduate work in this field or careers in public service, international organizations and NGOs, journalism and business. Added recently, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest now offers an off-campus study program in Jordan, where students can study Middle Eastern and Arabic languages. 

Department News

  • December 8
    Fatima Rahman, assistant professor of politics and chair of Islamic World Studies, calls on Muslims to reject extremism in the name of their faith. She was interviewed by Daily North Shore, by Steve Sadin.
  • December 11
    Professor Ahmad Sadri spoke out against the scapegoating of Iranian Americans by the U.S. Congress in an article on The Guardian website, December 10.
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