Students conduct hands on experience in the organic chemistry research laboratory.Students conduct hands on experience in the organic chemistry research laboratory.

  • In their lab on campus, Prof. Jason Cody and his students created an ion for the very first time – an ion no one’s created before or since. As a team, they continue to try to replicate this remarkable find. 

Students who major or minor in chemistry work alongside faculty with research-grade technology to analyze and understand the world from atoms to industry. Chemistry students spend time in the lab and in the field, using such tools as a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, an inert atmosphere glove box, and state of the art computational chemistry software as they approach research as varied as solventothermal synthesis and computer modeling of transition-metal catalyzed processes.

Coursework in chemistry is useful for students in a number of careers. In addition to traditional careers in industry and education, chemistry is at the heart of fields like medicine, and faculty in the chemistry department encourage students to examine how chemistry is critical in other disciplines, from public policy to studio art.


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