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About Us

Board of Trustees

Robert D. Krebs, Chairman
Daniel D. Dolan Jr. ’80, Vice-Chairman
David F. Gorter ’80, Vice-Chairman
William A. Lowry ’84, Secretary

Charter Trustees
Marsha K. Anderson ’68 (2019)
Vice President Global Event Marketing (Retired), JP Morgan  

Earl J. Barnes II ’86 (2019)
Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Advocate Health Care

John D. Carruthers ’78 (2021)
Senior Business Analyst (Retired), U.S. Bank

David A. Castagnetti ’84 (2018)
Founder, Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas        
Daniel D. Dolan Jr. ’80 (2019)
Owner/Managing Member; Dolan, McEniry Capital Management, LLC           

Doni Fordyce-Urfirer ’81 (2017)
President and Chief Operating Officer, Stone Key Group

David F. Gorter ’80 (2019)
President, SSU Corporation

James M. Hunter ’71 (2018)
Williamstown, Massachusetts

Robert D. Krebs (2019)
Lake Forest, Illinois

Randall S. Lauer ’81 (2020)
Managing Director, Citigroup

William A. Lowry ’84 (2019)
President and Managing Shareholder,
Nyhan, Bambrick, Kinzie & Lowry, P.C.

Mark A. Nagle (2019)
President, Czarnowski Display Service Inc.

Craig Omtvedt (2017) Lake Forest, Illinois

Lorna S. Pfaelzer (2018)
Lake Bluff, Illinois

Joanne M. Storkan (2018)
Executive Producer and President, Honest Engine Films

Stephen C. Strelsin (2021)
Managing Partner, Axiom Consulting Partners 

Claudia Wyatt-Johnson ’69 (2019)
Founding Partner, Partners in Performance Inc. 

National Trustees
MIchelle Applebaum (2018)
Board of Directors, Northwest Pipe

William G. Brown (2018)
Hobe Sound, Florida

Liam Connell (2020)
Lake Forest, Illinois

Katherine Dietze (2018)
Corporate Director-Cowen & Company
                                Liberty Property Trust                  
                                Matthews International Corporation

Joseph D. McCarthy ’78 (2018)
Chief Client Officer, Ferrara and Company

Alexander D. Stuart (2020)
President, North Star Investments

Sean W. Thomas ’81 (2018)
Partner, Negotiations and Contracts; Aon Hewitt

Life Trustees
Clarissa H. Chandler
Lake Forest, Illinois

Maurice F. Dunne Jr.
Clearwater, Florida

Russell W. Fisher
Chairman, Biofit Engineered Products

James P. Gorter
Green Bay Management Company

Margaret S. Hart
Lake Forest, Illinois

Samuel J. Henry
Lake Forest, Illinois

John S. Lillard
Chairman (Retired), Wintrust Financial Corporation

Paula P. Lillard
Lake Forest, Illinois

David B. Mathis ’60
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (Retired), Kemper Group

Marian P. Pawlick
Lake Bluff, Illinois

Rhoda A. Pierce ’60
Highland Park, Illinois

Florence F. Wheeler
Lake Forest, Illinois

Ex Officio Trustees
Daniel Ugaste ’85
President, Lake Forest College Alumni Board

Jeffrey J. Anderson
President, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Stephen D. Schutt
President, Lake Forest College